Translating the TED experience w/ @dswviper

Picnic basket lunch @TEDActive

Picnic basket lunch @TEDActive

Connecting and having amazing conversations with just about everyone you bump into are all part of the TEDActive experience. The meeting is designed all around this concept. During lunch yesterday, we were given picnic baskets full of food and formed groups of six on blankets on the sunny lawn outside the conference center.

Or during the inevitable fireside chats as you stop to warm-up from the cold desert nights. It was Day 0 when I ran into Dominik, @dswviper. I had met him a few weeks earlier on Twitter. His excitement for TED boosted my anticipation, which was as high as anything in recent memory.

Dominik is from Germany and is part of an incredible group of translators that have translated talks into over 80 languages as part of the Open Translation Project. Together they’ve translated over 4,700 TED talks including those from @AnwarKing from Sudan who is so fun to chat with and is a rockstar for translating over 160 talks.

What the world needs now (this year’s TED theme) is to spread more of these ideas. Thank you translators.

For a truly unique, infectious perspective on TEDActive, check out Dominik’s blog

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