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The Year of the Quantified Self-Revolution


“The first thing you have to know is yourself. A man who knows himself can step outside himself and watch his own reactions like an observer.” ― Adam Smith
I was struggling to sleep.
After well over a decade living the entrepreneur lifestyle, I began to struggle with its weight.… Read the rest

Infographic: Rethink the Human Relationship with Technology


I’m fascinated by our relationship with technology, both the good and the bad – our intentional and our unintentional use of it, knowing when we are using a tool or living in unconscious cybernetic feedback loops. As author Erik Davis asks, “What is the nature of control?”
It is with… Read the rest

Four Stand-Out Talks from TED 2011


Doodling for memory; the genesis of a word; our filtered data bubble; and i like the taste of air. These four concepts have bounced around my head the year long, imbued to my memory from talks during last year’s annual idea-fest known as TED, in Long Beach, Ca.
On the… Read the rest

Finding the Secret Ingredient: Inspiration


Last week, I proudly announced to the @mojointeractive team  that we were included on the 2011 list of most democratic workplaces. It was just two or three years ago when it all felt different. The recession was beating on us at every angle. At that moment in front of the… Read the rest