Drink To Live Longer: Tracking Alcohol Consumption

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Drink to Live Longer - Tracking Alcohol Consumption

This is a post to accompany a talk I gave at the Quantified Self Conference & Expo 2015 in San Francisco.

It started with a segment I saw on 60 Minutes about how alcohol is connected to longevity, which seemed odd. But according to a 20-year study, people who drink alcohol tend to live longer than those who don’t.

So it got me thinking, and this is the talk where I shared a couple great new health habits and tracking tools I discovered during my 8-month project.

I’m tracking my consumption and exploring the scenarios affecting my physical performance, my weight, body fat, pH levels, and most importantly, my sleep.

You can view the slides on Slideshare along with the script with which my talk was based — the video is now available on Vimeo. It answers these questions:

  1. What did I track?
  2. How did I track it?
  3. What did I learn?

The biggest learning from the project was about water consumption. When I was growing up, my grandmother always said I drank a lot of water, so I never thought about it. I assumed I drank enough water, but I sure didn’t.

I wasn’t staying hydrated and definitely wasn’t staying hydrated enough when consuming alcohol. I now use the app WaterMinder to ensure I am staying hydrated. I also started adding a lemon to my water to balance out any acidity in my body.

Glen Lubbert Speaking at the Quantified Self Conference 2015 #QS15 featuring 60 Minutes v2Whether this is going to help me live longer is impossible to say, but I sure did have fun with this project and having the opportunity to talk about quantified self with everyone I was sharing a drink with.


These are the tools I used for my project:

This is a list of additional articles I saved during my research for this project:


View the entire eight-minute Ignite format (auto-advancing slide) talk from the Quantified Self 2015 Conference & Expo on Vimeo:

Quantified Self 2015 talk -Glen-Lubbert



Glen Lubbert is an entrepreneur based in San Francisco and has been using technology to help us live longer, healthier, happier, and more productive lives for nearly 20 years.

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