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Infographic: Rethink the Human Relationship with Technology

 I’m fascinated by our relationship with technology, both the good and the bad – our intentional and our unintentional use of it, knowing when we are using a tool or living in unconscious cybernetic feedback loops. As author Erik Davis asks, “What is the nature of control?” It is with… Read the rest

Adapting to the Purpose Driven #SocialEra

Money doesn’t bring out the best people, nor does it bring out the best in them. Purpose does. Of all the ideas presented by Nilofer Merchant in her new ebook 11 Rules for Creating Value in the #SocialEra, I find this concept the most important for all of us pursuing… Read the rest

Four Stand-Out Talks from TED 2011

What me worry I’d rather wonder – TEDActive 2011
Doodling for memory; the genesis of a word; our filtered data bubble; and i like the taste of air. These four concepts have bounced around my head the year long, imbued to my memory from talks during last year’s annual idea-fest… Read the rest