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Where to think? The Lone Star of Texas – Austin, Texas

The Lone Star of Texas
Gazing at the stars on the far reaches of the universe as they warped past my head, down deep in the most colorful nebulas, I was clearly overwhelmed. I was in the middle of one of the most awe-inspiring shows of my life and I… Read the rest

Operation: Tile Me Beautiful @mojointeractive

Operation: Tile Me Beautiful
The office is a buzz @mojointeractive as the staff walks to each person’s workspace with the eye and questions of someone strolling through an art show. What material did you use? How’d you do that? That is so creative. This wasn’t an art show… Read the rest

TED Notebook: Happiness with my favorite TED talk

I wrote my first TED Notebook — the reflections on the notes I took throughout the TEDActive experience in Palm Springs — blog entry about Daniel Kahneman. It started with this…
Happiness talks are a crowd favorite at TED, which is probably why Daniel Kahneman, the founder of behavioral economics
Read the rest