Monthly Archives: February 2010

Where to think? Park Avenue – Winter Park, Florida

Park Avenue - Winter Park, Florida
Running water always relaxes and stimulates my mind. This was a great thinking bench. Shot taken on a beautiful Monday in Central Park alongside Park Avenue in Winter Park, Florida.

TED Notebook: Bill Gates’ Most Important Wish

Bill Gates from TEDActive
Last week I tweeted about one of my Top 5 TED talks from this year when it was posted on Bill Gates giving an extremely persuasive speech about climate change and energy. This is a man with no political agenda and only the desire… Read the rest

TED Notebook: Happiness with You and Me

The TEDActive Experience
Grabbed a blanket and went to Dolores Park on our day off Monday for President’s Day. Along with me came my TED notebook. Time to reflect and digest the powerful week I shared with some amazing people during the TEDActive experience in Palm Springs. After scribbling on… Read the rest

Translating the TED experience w/ @dswviper

Picnic basket lunch @TEDActive
Connecting and having amazing conversations with just about everyone you bump into are all part of the TEDActive experience. The meeting is designed all around this concept. During lunch yesterday, we were given picnic baskets full of food and formed groups of six on blankets on… Read the rest